The foundation of Lewiston Jellies is rooted in culinary expertise, as CEO James T. Malley has over 30 years of experience as a chef and an instructor at Buffalo Public Schools. The first three years of Lewiston Jellies’ existence were spent carefully crafting and curating the perfect formula, and selecting the most visually appealing labels in order to convey the natural beauty of Western New York’s freshest and sweetest berries. The name “Lewiston Jellies” originated from the location of where we find our grapes, and our berries come from North Collins. Because of this, we consider ourselves to be one of the many small, localized businesses that Western New York has to offer. 


The grapes we use are laden with a sweet natural flavor, and produce a thick syrup that complements the tartness of the berries. While these berries are only available for harvest two weeks out of the year, they are picked at the peak of freshness, squeezed, strained and frozen in order to preserve their bountiful flavor. Lewiston Jellies offer versatility, as these decadent flavors can be included in breakfast, lunch, and even dinner; perhaps as a sweet glaze for duck or game hen. As for our Peach Niagara jelly, juices from the Lewiston and Ontario peaches and the juice from Niagara grapes combine to produce a rich, complex flavor, but can satiate any sweet tooth.  


Finally, Lewiston Jellies proudly sells New York’s four classic honeys, Fall Flower, Buckwheat, Clover, and Alfalfa. Fall flower, harvested from late summer to early fall has a flowery fragrance and a sweet, lingering taste. As for Buckwheat honey, offers a full-bodied, malty flavor yet has just right the balance between sweet and bitter. But if you’re looking for a more mild flavor, you might enjoy our Alfalfa flavor, which has a lighter hue and comes from the vibrant purple blossom flower. And last but not least, our Clover honey is produced from our neighbors in Central New York. Clover can be described as a light amber color, from the fields in Ontario county. Our variety of honey is certain to fit any preference, and we hope you give them all a try!


Lewiston Jellies is a small, local business that runs out of a kitchen in the Broadway Market in Buffalo, New York. We operate locally and harvest locally, but you can find our product across New York State. We proudly incorporate our roots in our products, as our we draw our inspiration from New York’s natural allure. Lewiston Jellies has showcased a variety of unique flavors offered by the Western New York region, for well over a decade. Our abundance of original flavor combinations of our jellies and jams as well as our classic honeys can be found at our local farmer’s market, festival shows, and on our website for your convenience.